Things I worked on at Runroom, where I worked from 2006 to 2013, are marked @Runroom.

  • Summerwinds Festival (2010)

    Summerwinds Festival (2010)

    Website for international woodwinds festival in the Münsterland area
    Rainer Schultz/GWK
    My role: PHP, HTML/CSS, Javascript
    Summerwinds 2010/

  • Xavier Barriga

    Xavierbarriga (2012)

    Website for baker and author Xavier Barriga
    Random House Mondadori (@Runroom)
    My role: HTML/CSS (adaptive), Javascript

  • Area

    AREA Cooling Solutions (2012)

    Website for distributor and manufacturer of air conditioning and heating gear
    Area (@Runroom)
    My role: Design

  • La Historia de Kvothe

    La Historia de Kvothe (2011)

    Website promoting the spanish edition of the King Killer Chronicle, a fantasy-novel by Patrick Rothfuss
    Random House Mondadori (@Runroom)
    My role: Design (some CSS & WordPress)

  • Maremagnum

    Maremagnum (2012)

    Website for shopping mall
    Maremagnum (@Runroom)
    My role: Design, HTML/CSS (adaptive), Javascript

  • Lázaro Rosa Violán

    Lázaro Rosa Violán (2009)

    Website for interior designer Lázaro Rosa Violán and his studio Contemporain
    Lázaro Rosa Violán (@Runroom)
    My role: Design, HTML, CSS, Javascript

  • Eva Minguella

    Eva Minguella (2010)

    Website for Barcelona based, corporate identity, packaging and grafic design studio
    Eva Minguella (@Runroom)
    My role: Design, HTML, CSS

  • Mas de Flandí

    Mas de Flandí (2009)

    Website for olive oil producer
    Mas de Flandí (@Runroom)
    My role: HTML, CSS, Javascript

  • Delicooks

    Delicooks (2009)

    Website for online food and recipies magazine and blog
    Delicooks (@Runroom)
    My role: HTML, CSS, Javascript